Still relatively young, the medium of customer magazines has blossomed into a huge global industry. Central to this success is the level of customer engagement it offers brands. A cornerstone of the growing content-marketing industry, customer magazines deliver high-quality, relevant and valuable information. This type of owned media has in some markets, actually a higher circulation than consumer magazines. Some customer magazines are distributed door-to-door others mailed to known customers. In Germany the share of customer magazines distributed door-to-door has increased over the last years. In 2013 almost 19% of all door drops included customer magazines (WVO, 2013). Across Europe, brands are discovering the meaning of Add Print, Add Power, enticed by the creativity and new ways of thinking employed by customer magazines. Their ability to create a bond with their readers is a vital tool to building brands and creating loyalty.

So here are the seven key reasons for using customer magazines.


Building relationship and loyalty

The most common reason for commissioning a customer magazine is to foster loyalty. With a frequent and substantial communication such as a magazine, your customers have a reliable source of information and entertainment in their hand on a regular basis, with your brand gaining unparalleled access to their lives.
Customer magazines also have the ability to build a strong commitment among readers for your brand, a commitment that can result in stronger sales or even turn your customers into brand ambassadors. A study in the UK confirmed that regular readers of supermarket and clothing shops magazines had respectively a 13% (per week) and 17% (per month) higher spend (CMA 2012)

Substance and tangibility

The tangible feeling of holding a magazine in your hands is something consumers still love. When asked, the majority of consumers still prefer paper to other media. Brand owners spend a lot of energy in selecting the best paper grade for the magazine and some also vary with the paper grade in each issue. Brands understand that this "mode of delivery" is an important element in creating uniqueness and value for the customer magazine.
The medium of customer magazines also comes with the vital element of practicality: all titles can be picked up and put down at will in almost all situations, allowing reading in the ‘Three Bs’ (Bathroom, Beach and Bus).


Using entertaining and informative content, customer magazines build a bond of trust between brand and reader, which can be used to get your customers to take some form of action. This form of content marketing is more trusted than all forms of 'paid media' (Nielsen, Global Trust in Advertising 2011)
Despite customer magazines regarded as a form of brand communications, readers have no feeling of being sold to.  The content comes from a single brand with no third party, and is presented in a soft-sell, non-invasive way, creating affinity and building a rapport with the reader.

Targeting power

Customers are a varied group, but customer magazines have the ability to target them all, tailoring content specifically for their interests and habits.  By creating specific content for specific groups, brands can get closer to their customers, offering more personalised content and increasing engagement. Supermarkets, banks, hairdressers, courrier services, malls, real-estate, car brands, design brands and many more companies from other sectors use customer magazines. E-commerce companies have also understood the role of a printed magazine and are increasingly using customer magazines. 


Customer magazines are an 'owned medium' a channel that can be completely controlled by a brand, with no interference from other brands or negative comments from customers. The medium is appreciated by readers, with the magazine’s value shown to have a positive effect on the value of the brand. Its effectiveness can be measured by the number of readers that buy products or services that were featured in the magazine. (In the UK 67% of regular readers say they did so, and 77% used the vouchers featured in the magazine).

Content marketing

With brands now involved in paid media, owned media and earned media, content marketing becomes more important. Customer magazines are the ideal channel to deliver unique content by using a combination of entertainment, information and inspiration.  Content marketing applies to all kinds of channels, offline and on-line, but certainly to owned media such as a customer magazine. Today about 20% of marcom budget is allocated to content marketing. Content marketing includes content creation and curation, selecting existing content to be featured in owned media.


Since customer magazines offer a large amount of editorial space for content ultimately controlled by the brand, they are able to present more complex messages in an informative and entertaining way. This is why an increasing number of customer magazines are being used as an educational tool in the media mix, giving the reader a clear explanation of subjects such as financial products or energy solutions.
Design techniques such as infographics are often used to help the reader understand complex subjects, with the reader gaining a deeper insight into the brand itself. The use of repetition within the same issue, or subsequent issues, also aids comprehension.


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