94 per cent of German newspaper circulation on paper

Sendt av: Ulbe Jelluma 06/06/2017

Recent circulation figures newspapers in Germany show the power of the print editions in this culturally strong paper and print oriented country (with a total of 361 newspapers).
Data published by the website of Die Zeitungen shows a meagre 6% of total circulation of newspapers to be e-Papers even tough e-Papers circulation showed a growth of 25 per cent.



As the graph shows, the paper newspaper is still dominating the newspaper market, with 94 per cent of total circulation. The coverage of newspapers, whether offline or online is with 78 per cent among the highest in Europe.  It is interesting to see the higher penetration (18%) of e-Papers for Super-regional newspapers, these are newspapers that are sold in more than one region. (In Germany e-Papers are defined as the PDF version of the paper version). All data are provided via the German newspaper marketing body; ZMG.
Another observation: the high share of subscription readers, 63 per cent of readers receive their newspaper at home. The digital version of the newspaper also shows a high penetration of subscriptions with 51 per cent of all e-Papers sold on a subscription basis.

As there are several ways of calculating and comparing paper and online editions it is important which calculation has been used. 
With different subscription models these calculations need to consider combinations of paper and online, partly paper and online and exclusively paper or online. Certain calculations make no distinction between the different subscriptions, all subscriptions are of equal value. A second way of calculating is more sophisticated. Every subscription is re-calculated to a 6 days subscription, this applies for example to a weekend subscription. The last calculation adds up the paper and digital subscription; a paper weekend subscription and a digital week subscription is seen as a full subscription. 

The data from the German newspaper don’t show these variants in calculating subscriptions, they simply split between the paper and online versions.

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