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Sendt av: Print Power 23/05/2017

In the age of digital communications, print retains a number of unique qualities. These qualities give the reader an engaging, sensory and tactile experience that other mediums alone cannot match.

The physicality of print adds to the effectiveness of the medium, as well as the reading experience itself. The feel of a newspaper, the weight of a magazine or the substance of a piece of Direct Mail, gives the reader a sense of reliability and trust. By using different paper stocks and weights, marketers are able to evoke different feelings within the reader, from the heavy weight of an eye-catching door drop, to the luxurious high-gloss paper of fashion magazines.

So, what’s the best way to demonstrate the physical, emotional and sensory impact of print media to Europe’s leading advertisers and marketing professionals? Through a Direct Mail campaign, of course!

Between November 2016 to April 2017, over 20,000 marketing and advertising professionals in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Austria, were sent 2 DM packs. Print Power DM Inserts

Designed by London creative agency WPN Chameleon, the mailing incorporates the A0 DIN format. The three key messages of the first part of the mailing –  the importance of the channel, the effectiveness and the creative potential of mailings – were expressed on different paper qualities to demonstrate the sensory benefits of Direct Mail. 

The second part of the mailing was all about the proof. The packs included four powerful, country-specific case studies showcasing successful Direct Mail campaigns with compelling results. Brands included Lloyds, BT, KIA, Panini, Nissan, Renault and Disney.

What was unique about this campaign was the collaboration with the national postal operators of the participating countries. The UK’s Royal Mail, Germany’s Deutsche Post, France’s La Poste, Italy’s Poste Italiane and Austria’s Österreichische Post; not only contributed much of the content, but also provided a follow-up service to all respondents to the campaign. 

The campaign had a strong response in all the markets, with hundreds of requests – made via a pre-paid postcard enclosed in the mailings – to receive more information about print media and follow-up contact from their national postal operator. 

The Direct Mail campaign forms part of Print Power’s ongoing efforts to promote the use of print media. Print Power delivers the power of print directly into the hands of tens of thousands of advertising professionals and media agencies throughout Europe every year.  

Discover the power of Direct Mail  

Explore the featured case studies from the campaign, download the presentation below.