Almost 9 out 10 people read e-commerce package insert

Sendt av: Ulbe Jelluma 23/10/2016

At the Door Drop Congress 2016 (Berlin) results were presented about the effectiveness of package inserts. When buying products from your favourite online shop leaflets or brochures are sometimes added. Research was done by DiMaBay, a European company distributing 1 billion vouchers in Europe, shows that 87% of all in-package leaflets or brochures are read.

Not all e-commerce players use this form of advertising, on average 44% in Europe do so, with 71% of packages in Germany carrying a brochure, 50% in France and 49% in the UK.  These brochures offer a real opportunity for loyalty and up- or cross-selling. Even more when considering the total number of people reading the brochure; in Italy for example 3,6 per brochure.

Door drops are becoming more segmented and personalised. Research by Motivaction indicated that of five value segments, globally identified with the Glocalities survey, the "Socializers" are the most price conscious and best triggered by door drops. Other segments are more effectively reached by different media as for example online offers.

The Belgian retailer Colruyt started some years ago with personalised door drops (addresses mail), offering specific discounts for clients based upon their buying behaviour. Every two weeks their clients receive a personalised door drop with unique offers (and a generic brochure with all promotions). In total Colruyt distributes every two weeks 1.6 million unique, personalised brochures. It is rumoured that the response rates of this type of unique offer was a double-digit figure at the launch.

The retailer is further enriching and exploiting data. Next to the retail data set, data about customer behaviour, meteorological, regional income and demographic data are combined and analysed to become even stronger business insights.