Effectiveness and irritation level of advertising in Bild newspaper

Sendt av: Ulbe Jelluma 26/07/2017

Bild Zeitung, one of the largest printed newspapers in Germany recently conducted a survey about their advertising effectiveness. The study confirmed the positive attitude towards print media. The survey also found that in other countries newspapers are more appreciated than other media.

Qualitative data about print media such as newspapers and magazines might not always be part of the media planning equation. However, some studies point at the importance. The Bild study points at the superior trust level of the brand compared to other media. The chart shows the scores on trustworthy, interesting, valuable and buying consideration and the order is for all four items the same, with Bild as first medium.

This position clearly pays off; Print generates a short-term ROI of €0,57 for every €1 invested. Radio has the highest score (0,68) and all other channels score lower than print.

When the readers of Bild where asked in which channel they thought advertising was most irritating they mentioned TV and online. Print was judged as the less irritating with lowest scores on; “disturbing (11%), irritating (12%), don’t watch at all (17%)”.

A survey in The Netherlands confirms this positive evaluation of print media. With 29% of consumers being positive about advertising in newspapers and magazines, print scores highest. This is more than TV (22%), Online (14%) and Mobile (7%). Only 16% of the 1050 people interviewed are negative about advertising in newspapers and magazines. However, consumers don’t like advertising on their mobile phones, 67% get irritated. 

Whether this has an immediate impact on the use of adblockers can’t be proven. The most recent data from PageFair show that Germany has the highest penetration (29%) among the most important advertising markets in Europe. This can be explained by a local culture where privacy is highly valued. The chart shows that the UK and France have more moderate levels of adblocking penetration.

Here are 7 Reasons why newspapers are still a popular medium for increasing credibility and trust in consumers. 

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