LEGO uses in-home sampling to reach new consumers

Sendt av: Mark Davies 02/02/2017



Iconic toymaker, LEGO, was looking to engage with a brand new audience – girls aged 7-9 years – by introducing them to the LEGO Friends range. A unique in-home sampling format was chosen to build brand awareness and drive footfall.


2 Stage in-home sampling to allow consumers to trial product
Campaign period : 28/04/14 – 31/05/14 (5 weeks) 

  • 135,607 bags delivered and 40,000 ‘Emma’ toy mini-kits delivered in total using Whistl’s Own Network.
  • Mosaic UK and Where Britain Shops datasets were harnessed to identify most valuable households to reach the core audience, who have a high propensity to shop within retail areas with Argos present.
  • Campaign included a mini brochure with fun games and activities to inspire recipients and a further call to action to purchase LEGO Friends products from their local Argos store.


  • Campaign ensured only engaged consumers received the free sample by using ‘opt-in’ solution
  • 30% opt-in rate translated into a 26% sales uplift in target stores
  • 46% of households taking positive action by buying or intending to buy a LEGO Friends product, or purchasing another LEGO toy as a direct result of the campaign.
  • Positive response on social media
  • Projected ROI: £1.00 to £1.25 (although brand engagement was the key return on objective criterion)