Marketers backtrack to print for effective advertising

Sendt av: Jess Taylor 26/09/2016

Having all our communications, entertainment and information needs met by the device in our pockets has left many of us hankering after the simpler days of typewriters, record turntables and print. Ad blocking, click fraud and low viewability of ads have all become major headaches for brands as they consider the value they get from their digital ad spending. To read the full article, please see below.

A medium suffering confusion
Worries about the poor effectiveness of digital advertising have led brands to look at new ways of reaching consumers, which can be witnessed by the growth of native advertising. Marketers are now taking the opportunity to reappraise print advertising, which is immune to the problems that currently surround the digital medium. “Adblocking should have been a very clear and powerful alarm signal for the marketing industry because it was reflecting a lack of trust,” says Sebastien Houze, Secretary General, FEDMA.
Meanwhile, viewability is also a serious issue for marketers. Google has released research showing that an incredible 56% of ads served online are never seen by consumers.

Around the block
In truth, ad blocking is largely down to the poor creativity and often irritating nature of digital ads. Rachel Aldighieri, DMA, believes that the biggest issue for advertising is relevancy – creating engaging ads that are addressed to the most appropriate audiences, who will actually want to interact with them. She thinks that the low costs of email and digital marketing make these media magnets for low quality ads that people want to block. “Mail seems to be more targeted and the creative seems to be getting better,” she says.

The print solution
For advertisers, though, the big question is whether they are getting value for money from their digital spend “Yes we know digital is important, and we spend more and more of our time glued to our devices,” Dino Myers-
Lamptey says. “But is a 0.02% click-through-rate actually an indicator of advertising engagement and campaign effectiveness? The answer is no.” Based on a Study by Magnetic, 35% of consumers of print media welcome ads, as opposed to 10% of online users. Meanwhile, 80% of print magazine readers say they don’t find advertising a distraction, compared to 60% online. Therefore, if you want to provoke behaviour in a customer, if you want to use the power of touch, then print is the best medium.