Newspapers boost sales for consumer brands

Sendt av: Ulbe Jelluma 24/08/2017

Newspapers can certainly provide a sales boost to consumer goods, not only as an advertising channel, but also as an inspiration for related activities. 


Earlier this year we showed an example from Japan where newspaper headlines were used on bottles of mineral water. This example demonstrates another highly effective use of newspapers. The routine of reading the newspaper in the morning with a freshly brewed cup of coffee is also true in Brazil. The newspaper, Estado de San Paulo, was used to prepare the outside packaging of Café Pelé coffee. The interesting thing about this packaging is that the newspaper of the day is used. The joint promotion between the coffee brand and the news brand consisted of a combined pack of a newspaper and a pack of coffee with that same cover page.

Lew’Lara/TBWA together with HP worked out a way to print the package at the same time as the newspaper to have it available in the morning. The combined pack (newspaper + coffee) was distributed to the subscribers and in retail a special section was made available for the ‘fresh” coffee and the newspaper. 

This joint promotion resulted in a 400% in coffee sales and over 100,000 interactions on Facebook. Bakeries also tend to take this opportunity to market their association with newspapers as people often tend to pick up a newspaper whilst eating a piece of toast. 

A very effective way to leverage the ’freshness’ of newspapers.

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