Print, a marketer's best friend.

Sendt av: Jess Taylor 05/12/2016

Next to actual sales, there’s nothing more important in brand marketing than loyalty. Keeping a customer happy, confident and engaged in your brand takes regular communication, a strong emotional bond and a lengthy presence in the home – which is where print comes in. to read the full article, see below.


print marketing can do many things: inspire, engage, entertain, persuade, educate. But one of its key strengths for brands is keeping customers loyal. Of course, customer service is a large part of keeping customers loyal, but print marketing also goes a long way to keeping your customers engaged and confident. In a survey by Accenture, engaged customers were found to make purchases 90% more frequently and spend 60% more per transaction. Research has found that 57% of people feel more valued when receiving mail from a brand, whereas only 17% said, this of email.

The Direct approach
A clever piece of direct mail can be used to delight and reward loyal customers. Cafe chain Costa Coffee mailed its most frequent customers a premium pack with samples of a new blend for them to trial at home. During the campaign, around 870,000 cups of the Old Paradise blend were sold, with some 68% of these coming from members of the brand’s coffee club loyalty scheme.

Treat your customers
A customer magazine keeps a consumer’s attention for 25 minutes3 on average, and this longevity is a key advantage that print has over other marketing channels, including broadcast and digital. The tactile element of print marketing is also an effective way for brands to establish an emotional link with their customers.

The Swap Shop
In today’s cut-throat commercial world, where customers can switch between brands with increasing ease, direct mail plays a key role in reducing churn. While there can be no doubting the effectiveness of print in ensuring loyalty, Snoxell (Creative Director at integrated agency Partners Andrews Aldridge), all agree that print is most effective when part of a more holistic solution.
Marketers should ignore print marketing at their peril in their constant effort to keep pace with the latest digital fads. The loyalty of their customers and the survival of their brand may depend upon it.