Topical creativity in newspapers

Sendt av: Ulbe Jelluma 12/09/2016

Major events are a great excuse for brands to get 'borrowed' attention. Some topical advertisers are sponsors of events and want to exploit in the best possible way their sponsorship. Others understand the attention value of events and want to piggyback.

Newspapers offer an excellent platform for topical advertising. Below are some example from the UK.

A full-page ad can't be avoided when glancing through a newspaper. Newspapers offer advertisers also ways to add creativity. Take for example the recent ads for Vodafone in the Evening Standard, using the opening of the Nighttube in London as event. The ads show nocturnal animals presenting the Late-Night Standard.










Effective advertising works also by leaving out parts of the message. Skittles has the rainbow colours in common with the Gay Pride. It is part of their logo. In the Skittles advertisement that links the brand with the Gay Pride this rainbow is left out as it 'belongs' to the Pride.





And finally inks can do wonders as the Metro cover for Aladdin shows. When rubbing the magical lamp a message will appear (thanks to thermochromic ink). The magical lamp would show whether you'd won one of the prizes for the Aladdin show.

Newspapers continue to offer a great creative space for advertisers, also a way to create increased effectiveness when linked with an event.